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Blood Alcohol Content Level Calculator

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Blood Alcohol
Content (BAC)

Disclaimer: Laws are always changing, these legal bac limits might be outdated. Legal limits can vary depending on age, state, province, etc. Different metrics are used to determine BAC, such as breathalyzer (BrAC), blood test or urinalysis. Therefore these legal limits for operation of a vehicle are not exhaustive, and potentially incorrect.

Blood Alcohol Content

Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC is a measure of the concentation of alcohol in a person's blood. It is the metric most commonly used to determine a person's level of intoxication.

Vehicle Operating Legal Limit in India 0.3%

Vehicle operating bac limits country

Australia 0.05%   China 0.02%
Brazil 0.00%   France 0.05%
Canada 0.08%   Germany 0.05%
British Columbia 0.05%   India 0.03%
Manitoba 0.05%   Japan 0.03%
Newfoundland 0.05%   Mexico 0.08%
Nova Scotia 0.05%   Russia 0.00%
Ontario 0.05%   South Africa 0.05%
Saskatchewan 0.04%   United Kingdom 0.08%
All Others 0.08%   United States 0.08%